The Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr Bakhytzhan Abdiraiym argued that Kazakh lawyers are professional enough and many of them possess qualifications tantamount to those of the lawyers in the global law firms. He also raised concerns about the local firms being pushed out of the state procurement market and the promotion of English law.

Kulzhan Mehrabi, partner at the local Kazakhstan law firm Linkage & Mind, has prepared an article responding with her view on this matter arguing that foreign law firms contribute to the development of the domestic legal market and to the quality of legal services in Kazakhstan; they help to attract foreign investment and ensure competition.

She also thinks that instead of imposing restrictions on foreign law firms, it would be more sensible to focus on improving the competitiveness of the local Kazakh law firms by providing quality education and training, establishing a legal framework for regulation of the legal profession and helping local lawyers grow and develop. To find out more you can read more of Ms Mehrabi’s article online.

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