A free JLD webinar on stress in the legal profession now through the Law Society’s Professional Development Centre (PDC).

What is the webinar about?

The JLD’s recent survey prepared by Kayleigh Leonie, the JLD’s Council Member at the Law Society, with input from Being Lawyers, revealed concerning statistics on the high levels of stress suffered by junior lawyers. 96 per cent of junior lawyers are suffering with stress, with 26 per cent at severe or extreme levels and 1 in 4 are suffering with a mental health issue. These statistics prompt us to consider how we might be able to experience less stress and more resilience. View the report

The webinar is delivered by Chetna Bhatt, co-founder, Being Lawyers and chaired by Kayleigh Leonie, the JLD’s council member at the Law Society, and covers:

  • how we can take personal responsibility for reducing the level of stress we experience
  • how we can start to tackle stress at its root cause
  • how we can perform at our best irrespective of challenging external pressures.

We invite you to view the webinar to:

  • explore how we can take personal responsibility for our wellbeing to experience less stress
  • consider the root cause of stress
  • point to an understanding of how our minds work to reveal how we can access our full potential.

You will benefit from the webinar by:

  • seeing how you can take personal responsibility for improving their wellbeing
  • starting to gain an understanding of the source of stress
  • exploring how you can do your best work irrespective of challenging external pressure.