Law Society president Andrew Caplen writes to the Telegraph about the Conservatives’ proposed Bill of Rights.

Full text of the letter can be found below:



The Law Society is very concerned by the Conservatives’ proposed Bill of Rights (“Terror suspects and criminals to be stripped of human rights”).

In the 800th year of the Magna Carta, we should be ensuring that our fundamental civil rights are protected, not allowing them to be used as a political tool. Human rights are afforded to every individual. It is important to note that they usually act in defence of the most vulnerable – such as the elderly, children, and those with mental health problems – not in defence of terrorists.

The Law Society has consistently questioned the necessity of a Bill of Rights and has stressed the importance of the Human Rights Act and the need to promote it, not replace it.

We will be following developments in this area closely and scrutinising any draft Bill of Rights carefully. Human rights belong to us; they are not within the gift of government.


Andrew Caplen

President, The Law Society

London WC2