The Law Society is very alarmed by the murder of Berta Caceres, a Honduran Human Rights Defender, who was staunchly opposed to the building of Agua Zarca, one of four dams planned in the Gualcarque river basin on the land of the Lenca people.

On 3 March 2016, Berta Caceres, who was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for her opposition to one of Central America’s biggest hydropower projects, was shot dead by unknown armed men at her home ..

Berta Caceres organised several protests, which included road blockages and marches, against the building of dams that affected her community’s access to water. As a result of this work, Berta Caceres stated that she was being harassed and that she and her family received several death threats.

Since 2009, we recall that the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights ordered your government to take protective measures to ensure the safety of Berta Caceres. We believe your government was still bound by this order, but it is unclear what measures, if any, were in place when Berta Caceres was killed.

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