Turkey is a parliamentary republic in Eurasia. Turkey is bordered by eight countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria and Greece. Turkey's location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes it a country of significant geostrategic importance.

Turkey is a democratic, secular, unitary, constitutional republic with a diverse cultural heritage. Turkey is a member of the UN, NATO, OECD, OSCE and the G-20. It became one of the first members of the Council of Europe in 1949 and an associate member of the EEC in 1963. It joined the EU Customs Union in 1995 and started full membership negotiations with the European Union in 2005.

Turkey is a civil law jurisdiction based on the Swiss, French and Italian model.

Turkish flag

How to practise in Turkey

By Donna Evans

Find out all you need to know about practising in Turkey