The way in which you communicate with colleagues and internal clients is so important. Even more so for in-house lawyers because the majority of their colleagues, line manager and internal clients may not be lawyers.

Communicating advice and risk effectively, building trust and good working relationships, aligning business objectives to those of you and your teams are key to the strategic positioning of in-house counsel.

How do you as an in-house counsel, position yourself and your legal team as trusted partners?

How do you have difficult conversations with business colleagues without becoming known as a ‘blocker’?

How can you add value by adapting and knowing how best to communicate with the business?

This seminar will offer:

  • practical examples and guidance to help strategically align in-house lawyers with their business
  • examples and advice on having difficult conversations
  • tips on how focussing on soft skills can help in communication
  • advice on developing and widening your networks for support