On 3 October the Law Society held a meeting with the Law Society of Hong Kong in London.

The President of the Law Society of Hong Kong, Thomas S.T. So met with Vice-President, Christina Blacklaws and the Law Society’s international team to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and discuss issues of mutual interest between our two professions.

The Law Societies already enjoy a close relationship, but we wish to work more closely together in the future to advance the legal profession in Hong Kong and England and Wales. The MOU provides an opportunity to formalise our commitments to collaborate and support each other.

Both Societies re-affirmed their strong commitments to the rule of law, human rights and access to justice in the MOU. It is our shared goal to ensure that our respective legal professions continue to advance these principles.

We also agreed to share best practice, identify barriers and enhance mutual understanding through on-going and effective dialogue on the regulation of foreign lawyers in Hong Kong and England and Wales.

For more information on our work with Hong Kong email asia@lawsociety.org.uk