This webinar has been designed particularly for solicitors working in small law firms and will highlight the problems with using unsecured email, free cloud systems like Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive etc and sets out the requirements for law firm IT systems that managers need to be requesting from their IT suppliers.

How will you benefit from this webinar:

  • Learn from common mistakes made by law firms that lead to cyber attacks
  • Gain an understanding of best practice in defending an organisation from the cyber security threat through effective risk management and good governance
  • Understand the questions that should be asked of IT staff and/or IT providers to ensure a firm has the right security products and is using them in the safest, and most efficient and effective manner

This session will cover: 

  • Cybersecurity threats faced by law firms, including case studies
  • Case studies of law firm security being breached through lack of encryption
  • Reasons to avoid Google, Dropbox & other free services
  • Cybersecurity Regulation - Solicitors Code of Conduct, Data Protection Act, Computer Misuse Act
  • Practical steps - Encrypting email, things to look for from IT providers

Who should attend?

  • Solicitors working in small law firms (one-four partners/directors)
  • Practice managers/managing partners/senior management
  • In-house counsel/Head of legal
  • IT managers/IT providers