Join us for a seminar on 27 February

cjeu seminar

The UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU has created uncertainty regarding what role the Court of Justice of the European Union will play following withdrawal and during the transitional period.

This uncertainty concerns not only how individuals and business will be able to enforce rights conferred by any new arrangements but also the measures that the EU or the UK will be able to take to monitor or enforce compliance with the new rules.

Beyond that, debate surrounding the EU (Withdrawal) Bill indicates deep disagreement on how the UK courts will interpret domestic law derived from EU law and whether the CJEU’s role under the EU Treaties will continue to be respected under UK law.

These issues will have serious ramifications for the UK, the EU and UK-based companies moving forward.

The Law Society, The Bar Council, Bingham Centre, and Matrix Chambers invite you to this seminar which will aim to clarify the CJEU’s existing role under the EU Treaties, the implications for international rights protection and legal certainty of UK withdrawal, and the role of the CJEU in possible alternative models.

Speakers will include:

Venue : Matrix Chambers, Griffin Building, Gray’s Inn, London WC1R 5LN

Time: 15:15 (Registration from 15:00)

Registration: Please email to secure your place.