Referrals are a great source of new business. Yet most firms or indeed individuals do not actively seek them, this is a missed opportunity as referrals are one of the most cost-effective ways to win new clients and new work. 

One of the reasons that referrals work well is that you do not have to prove your credibility, because someone the prospective client trusts has vouched for the quality of your work. Most people assume that if our clients and contacts hear of someone that needs our services, or know someone they think we should know, they will refer us. Unfortunately, this happens less often than you think.

This seminar is designed o assist partners and fee earners in developing new business through referrals by helping individuals to:

  • Fully exploit the value of referrals in their network
  • Win business more cost effectively
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Establish a competitive edge
  • Create more opportunities to avoid competitive tendering. 

Learning outcomes

  • Learn smart ways of doing business development
  • Develop skills to learn how to get referrals in a structured, systematic and professional way
  • Identify where the referral value lies within your network
  • Learn the key steps in developing a referral system.


VAT is charged at 20%

PC holders - £60 + VAT = £72
Non-PC holders - £70 + VAT = £84
Section members and members of TLS working for NFP - £50 + VAT = £60
People not in remunerative employment - £30 + VAT = £36 (if this fee applies to you, please email