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Building on the success of the 2013 China-Inside and Out Conference, the ABA Section of International Law returns to Beijing for a two-day Forum on 16-17 November 2015.

The 2015 Asia Forum - Beijing will bring together members of the global legal community for an interactive Forum featuring tracks exploring five hot topics in representing clients in Asia: Antitrust; Dispute Resolution; Intellectual Property; Legal Ethics/Compliance; and Outbound Investments.

The Forum will feature international legal experts and will attract a diverse audience of lawyers who focus on business law and dispute resolution with an emphasis on these five hot topics.

There will be 2 plenary and 12 breakout sessions as follows:

 Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions in Legal Ethics/Compliance:

•          Satisfying Multiple Masters: How to Practice Ethically Across Multiple Jurisdictions: The Ethics Minefields for U.S. and Dual-Licensed Lawyers Practicing in Asia

•          A Trap for The Unwary General Counsel, Their Clients and Their Counsel: Where Legal Ethics Standards May Make a Crucial Difference in a Government Investigation, the Attorney-Client Privilege and Duty of Loyalty in Asia


 Antitrust – breakout sessions

•          Hard Core Crackdown: Anti-Cartel Enforcement in High Gear in Asia

•          Antitrust Scrutiny Beyond Cartels: Vertical And Unilateral Pricing Enforcement in Asia

•          Let the Buyer Beware?  Challenges in Merger Review in Asia

Dispute Resolution – breakout sessions

•          The Changing Business Ethics Landscape in Asia and the Long-Arm of U.S. Law: FCPA, Antitrust, Securities

•          Arbitration in Asia: Soup to Nuts Alternative to U.S. Litigation

•          Litigating From Here to There

Intellectual Property – breakout sessions

•          Hot Topics About Standards and FRAND Commitments

•          IP Issues in M&A Transactions

•          What Keeps In-House Counsel Up At Night - IP Licensing Challenges From an In-House Perspective

Outbound Investments – breakout sessions

•          Challenges and Issues in Asian M&A and Investment

•          615 Million People, A US$2.3 Trillion Economy and 10 Legal Systems: The Opportunities and Challenges of Investing into ASEAN

•          Going to The Americas: Outbound Investment and What It Takes to be Successful


For further information about the programme and to register, click here

International Division members will be able to register at the discounted ABA Section of International Law Member Rates. In order to take advantage of these rates, simply register online and select the “Cooperating Entity” rate on the online registration page. Alternatively you can also complete the hardcopy registration form.