The Law Society, in association with British Expertise, recently delivered PPP training in Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Providing the training were John Davie and Malcolm Dowden.

The trainers

John’s PPP expertise is vast having served as chairman of the UK Government’s Advisory Group on Public Private Partnerships for two 3 year terms and as a member of the UK Financial Services Sector Advisory Board. He is currently the chairman of Altra Capital and is a visiting professor at the London Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law.

Malcolm is an experienced solicitor and a lead training consultant for the Law Society’s International Lawyers Training Programme (ILTP). He retains a role in private practice as consultant to City of London law firm Charles Russell LLP, with a remit that includes international business development and client engagement. As director of law programmes at Law2020 LLP, Malcolm designs and delivers legal and skills training in the UK and internationally.


In Mauritius, since the establishment of a new government, which has now settled in, the appetite for PPPs has increased and been identified as a key way forward to boost the economy and infrastructure of the country. The UK and the Law Society of England and Wales are now positioned well to be considered a leader in this. For those interested in principal PPP opportunities in Mauritius, the current government’s Smart City Scheme (SCS) may be of interest.

Similar can be said of Madagascar, where delegates were chosen by the Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM) to attend the PPP training.PPPs are firmly on the radar of the Government driven by possible hydro-electric projects in the near future.

Zimbabwe’s Joint Venture Bill (its PPP legislation) has just received its second reading in Parliament and therefore PPP training was high on the country’s agenda.  Members of the Bill team attended the workshop, with the Deputy Attorney-General also in attendance.  Given that the JV Bill’s next stage is to go to committee there was great interest in discussing possible areas for improvement and amendment and opportunities should exist in future.

Zambia’s PPP unit reports directly to the president  and recruitment is about to commence to form a significantly strengthened PPP unit, ensuring the training PPP training was well timed.

The Law Society will continue to carry out similar training and ventures on PPP to strategically position itself as a thought leader in the area. Having hosted an inward delegation of public sector officials form East Africa in early 2015, our continued visibility and presence should enable further business for our members.

Please email Elspeth Macdonald for further information on our PPP activity.