Your Small Firms Division is dedicated to meeting the needs of all smaller legal businesses, including sole practitioners. 

You will find information and services relevant to you and your business, including industry news, business and finance analysis, as well as the latest regulatory and management information.

Get in touch at and let us know what information or services you would find useful.

Membership benefits

Membership is free and offers a shared community to take advantage of expertise in marketing, business development, tax and accountancy as well as news, campaigns and changes in regulation affecting small firms and sole practitioners.

Members range from micro-firms made up of a sole practitioner with no staff; to high street firms; to smaller, niche firms dealing with particular specialisms (with clients big and small). Usually, these will be firms where:

  1. the owner(s) is / are still practising solicitors and fee earners, rather than full time managing partners
  2. the structure of the firm is such that the owner(s) deal with the firm’s finances, marketing, compliance and other regulatory functions, and
  3. where staff numbers are less than 50.

Small firms can benefit from information on career development for staff, recruitment and retention, as well as general business advice.

Sole practitioners will find this community useful in making the most of business and marketing tools to maximise efficiency.

Small firms and sole practitioners will benefit from:

  • practice notes and campaigning
  • feature articles
  • hot tips from experts on business issues
  • specifically tailored webinars and events