ECLA has launched a survey for company lawyers to gather opinion on a possible European Business Code.

The absence of uniform regulations in the field of business law and corporate governance is still a major hurdle facing European companies and company lawyers.

ECLA and its French Association AFJE are joining the campaign for a European Code of Business Law, which aims to remedy the absence of uniform regulations governing the activities of European companies throughout the continent.

Company lawyers are on the forefront of navigating such intricated legal issues, and have first-hand knowledge of which legislative changes could enable the European market to be more competitive and reduce companies’ running costs.

Therefore, ECLA and AFJE are launching a Europe-wide survey on the opportunity and possible implementation of a European Business Code, a unified piece of legislation that would make European business law more accessible and readable, making it a vector of economic convergence, facilitation of trade and investment.

The aim of this questionnaire is to gather the opinions and input of as many company lawyers from as many different countries and legal backgrounds as possible.

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