This webinar provides an update on capital gains tax, inheritance tax, income tax, corporation tax and stamp duty in relation to planning family business succession.

It will address profit extraction and the mitigation of capital gains tax (CGT) and inheritance tax (IHT) in the longer term and in particular at the time that the baton is passed to the next generation.

Speakers will be sharing their latest experiences of the incorporation of businesses and whether trusts should continue to be out of favour. You will also gain insights on legislative and case law changes of particular relevance over the previous twelve months.

What the webinar will cover

  • tax cases of significance in the previous twelve
  • legislative changes
  • profit extraction strategies
  • incorporation of unincorporated businesses
  • CGT on the reorganisation of a family business as part of succession planning
  • IHT mitigation strategies
  • the role of trusts in family businesses


  • Howard Hackney, partner and chartered accountant at Howard Hackney LLP
  • Martin Dawson, director and chartered tax adviser at Aquarius Tax Consultancy Ltd