This webinar will examine how in-house lawyers work across a range of key issues, building on the theme of the speakers’ new book, the In-House Lawyers’ Toolkit.


In-house legal practice has changed radically in the twenty-first century. There has been substantial and permanent change in the profession, with a range of alternative structures, new technologies and the increasing demands of business.

In that context, this webinar will examine the way in which in-house lawyers can work across a range of key issues, building on the theme of the speakers’ new book, the In-House Lawyers’ Toolkit, published by the Law Society.

Webinar course structure

This webinar will cover key points in:

  • Deciding what legal services to buy and where from, including alternative legal sourcing providers
  • Panel relationships
  • Managing the in-house team, and
  • Leveraging and demonstrating value

Webinar course tutor

Ann Page qualified as a solicitor in 1980 with Citibank. Since then she has held senior management positions at Crest Homes, Next plc, Abbey (formerly National & Provincial Building Society) and The Co-operative Bank, where she has had responsibility for managing and providing a wide range of internal and external legal services. Since 2003 Ann is a Top 100 lawyer turned motivational speaker training and coaching lawyers (over 6500) on leadership, management; a variety of interpersonal skills such as communication, assertiveness, and negotiation. 

Richard Tapp, Company Secretary and Director of Legal Services, Carillion plc is a Solicitor and Chartered Secretary. He has led in-house legal teams globally for many years, and leads on legal and regulatory matters for Carillion. He has direct responsibility for a number of other functions including the Ethics and Compliance Office, CAS – Carillion’s managed legal service team – corporate communications and mergers and acquisitions. He won the Most Innovative European In-House Lawyer award in the 2013 FT Innovative Lawyers awards.

Webinar details

This audio webinar took place at 13:00 on 28th January 2015.

The cost of this webinar is £45 for a one-house session. The price for this webinar is based upon a single viewer. Discounts are available on bulk bookings. For further details on these please contact Priya Shah at