This one-hour webinar will summarise the relevant law, significant developments and identify key risks for in-house lawyers.


Data protection compliance is becoming more challenging as data protection laws evolve, the public becomes more aware its rights and a common law concept of privacy emerges from case law. The increasing risk of breaching data protection and privacy law presents a growing challenge to in-house lawyers, who are often already overstretched. The problem is exacerbated for international companies that face a myriad of data protection laws globally. However, ignorance or a lack of resources is no defence for non-compliance and doing nothing is an increasingly high-risk strategy.

This webinar will summarise the relevant law, significant developments and identify key risks. Our expert speaker will share his knowledge gained through extensive experience, and provide advice on how identify the key risks and develop a strategy to steer your organisation through current regulatory requirements and prepare for future developments.

Webinar course structure

Refresher on the current landscape

  • The Data Protection Act 1998;
  • The EU Data Protection Directive
  • Key concepts
  • Principles
  • Challenges of the current regime

Developments in the law

  • The proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Vidal-Hall v Google

How to prepare

  • Data protection audits
  • Privacy Impact Assessments

Webinar course tutor

James Castro-Edwards is a partner and head of data protection at Wedlake Bell LLP.

James has extensive experience in managing global data protection compliance projects for multinationals, including implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley driven whistleblower hotlines and the implementation of outsourced HR and CRM systems, including PeopleSoft, Workday and Typically, such projects include managing local counsel across numerous jurisdictions, coordinating with clients’ local offices and local data protection authorities and providing practical solutions to the client project lead. He has also developed and delivered data protection training programs for multinational clients, including developing a data protection officers’ training course which was accredited by a European government. James works closely with in-house counsel, compliance and privacy professionals finding solutions to complex cross-border data issues.

Webinar details

The webinar takes the form of a live audio event accompanied by slides during which you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Following the event you will be able to revisit a recorded version.

The audio webinar will take place on the 2 July 2015 at 16:00 and is scheduled to last one hour until 17:00. To ensure your participation in the live webinar, you will need to have registered your place by 1200 on 1 July 2015. The webinar will be able to view after the event.

An email reminder and joining instructions will be issued to the email address you registered with a day before and on the day of the event.

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