On 12 May 2015, Trade Commissioner, Mrs Cecilia Malmström, met with the Minister of Economy of Turkey, Mr Nihat Zeybekci, to discuss the EU and Turkey’s trade relations. The two officials agreed to expand the 20-year-old customs union by including provisions on services, public procurement and increased liberalisation of agriculture products in the proposal. 

Among other issues, the two parties talked about concerns around the unilateral nature of the 1995 Agreement. Countries with which the EU has a free trade deal can export some of their goods to Turkey, however, Turkish export companies do not enjoy the same privilege. 

Ankara has also emphasised that it wishes to be included in the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negoatiations to avoid an even greater disdvantage that may affect Turkish exporters if the EU-US trade agreement is successfull. EU and US officials pledged to keep Turkey informed of the talks.

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