An exciting opportunity has arisen for a UK lawyer to visit Vietnam and support the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice in understanding the New York Convention.

With the support of the UK Prosperity Fund, the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam is looking for two UK legal experts to deliver training courses for Vietnamese judges in two areas:

i) Skills in handling international commercial disputes, with a focus on recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. The course will take place in October 2016 and will last for ten days (six days for preparation training materials and four days of delivering lectures).

ii) Skills in the application of court precedents when dealing with international commercial matters. This will take place in November 2016 and last for eight days six days for preparation training and two days of delivering lectures).

Please see the attached TORs for further details. For more information, please


Vietnam has been pursuing export-oriented growth coupled with greater international economic integration for well over a decade and it joined WTO in 2007. Since then it has gone on to agree important trade deals, with a free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam awaiting ratification. Vietnam is also one of strongest supporters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The Supreme Court of Vietnam anticipates a rise in the number of commercial disputes as the country becomes further integrated into the global economy. The training courses above form part of a wider effort to prepare Vietnamese judges and arbitrators to meet the new legal challenges and will give judges and court staff a greater understanding of the regulation surrounding foreign commercial disputes.