Christina will speak on the just limits of governments in the UK, Europe and India to track and record the digitial activities of businesses and indivduals.

In the wake of Snowden’s revelations of government surveillance operations spanning the internet and the release of the Panama Papers, showing the lengths many will go to avoid taxation, the rights of businesses and individuals to privacy and data protection are more contentious and urgent topics than ever. In the legal context, legal professional privilege is a key component of privacy discussions and is of great importance to the industry.

On 1 December the Law Society’s Deputy Vice President Christina Blacklaws will share her insights on the status of legal professoinal privilege on a high level panel at the Legal Era’s London conclave, titled “Privacy and Data Protections: Are Individual Business Rights Still Valued?”.

As well as being the Deputy Vice President of the Law Society, Christina has also served on the Law Society’s Council for fourteen years. She is currently the CEO of Cripps and has over thirty years of experience working in the legal profession.