We deliver a comprehensive range of solutions and services to provide you with the information, skills and expertise you need to mitigate risk and comply with a wide range of industry regulations.

Our range of services has been designed to deliver the type of support and guidance that match your particular needs:

  • ensure you are aware of the latest developments within the risk and compliance regulatory area via timely email updates, telephone and face-to-face engagements.
  • provide thorough training on the principles and processes you need to know such as best practice outcomes focused regulatory approaches, cyber security safe guards and arrangements to evidence your continuing competence.
  • deliver bespoke assessment, advice and recommendations via our advisory service - we have worked with over 500 organisations like yours, on an ongoing basis to help them understand their current risk profile and ensure they have what they need to implement any required mitigating measures.

An approach informed by experience

Choose the path that is right for your organisation. Whichever of the following options you choose, our experience and insight will help to quickly identify the critical success factors that will help drive future levels of performance, integrity and assurance within your organisation.

Our risk and compliance advisory service is informed by considerable experience. Since 2010, we have completed hundreds of compliance health-checks for members of our Risk and Compliance Service.

This experience has enabled us to develop a robust approach which ensures consistency, quality and expediency, providing you with expert support and guidance.

Pearl Moses is operational director of Member Services Development at the Law Society, leading a team working to develop and streamline products and services for the solicitor profession.

A board member of the Legal Compliance Association, she is an experienced legal compliance consultant specialising in creating tailored compliance solutions and interventions to help firms and in-house legal teams embed sound risk management principles and best practice client care and complaints handling systems.

We offer a highly trusted source of information and expertise.

For more information on how we can support you, email us at riskandcompliance@lawsociety.org.uk or call us on 020 8049 3748.