Recent Family and Relationships

  • Counting money

    Probate fees reduced in civil and family courts


    The Ministry of Justice has announced a reduction in court and probate fees in civil and family courts from 3 August 2020.

  • Second marriage - three linked wedding rings

    Second time around


    Using case studies, Charlotte Pollard and Sofia Thomas consider the range of tax and estate planning issues for clients remarrying or divorcing later in life, and flag the common pitfalls to avoid

  • melinda-giles-600x400

    Safety first


    Melinda Giles provides a comprehensive guide to the safeguarding process for adults and what you can do if you have a concern about a vulnerable client

  • Julian Hall

    Emotional rescue


    Private client practice can take its toll. Warring families, watching clients succumb to ill health and, of course, death are all parts of the job. Julian Hall explains how you can build your emotional resilience to better manage times of stress

  • couple

    Probate fees and civil partnerships


    In something of a mixed bag this month, Lesley King comments on the introduction of civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples and the latest news on probate fees.

  • Property claims - hands reaching out towards a house

    So you claim


    Tom Dumont rounds up the latest claims brought under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, including by cohabitees, spouses and young children

  • Artists' wills

    Artistic legacy


    The estates of artists, writers and other creative people throw up many issues, from the division of rights to preserving their reputation after death. Helen Citron and Robert Craig describe how the will-drafter can play a crucial role in ensuring things go smoothly

  • lesley king 390x234

    Brain trust


    Lesley King  provides an update on recent developments in private client law

  • sally pike

    Banking on it


    The so-called Bank of Mum and Dad plays a vital role in helping young people to take their first steps on to the housing ladder, but the legal issues for a solicitor to deal with are manifold. Sally Pike advises on how to ensure things go as smoothly as ...

  • Lesley King new

    The right to buy? Maintenance and the 1975 act


    Lesley King discusses two new important pieces of OPG guidance, and an interesting – and somewhat surprising – case on maintenance under the Inheritance Act 1975

  • Mediation

    Using mediation to resolve private client disputes


    Leading commercial mediator Andrew Hildebrand explains how mediation can be used effectively to manage private client disputes

  • Keep it in the family

    Keep it in the family


    Miranda Allardice  and Alexander Drapkin  discuss the provision for adult children post-Ilott v Mitson and offer some practical ways to reduce the prospects of a successful claim for provision for family and dependants.

  • Maria Lakes

    Immovable object


    Dealing with the estates of UK-domiciled deceased persons with immovable property in Ireland can be complex and problematic. Maria Lakes offers guidance on the process, and explains why it is vital not to overlook Irish succession laws.

  • Lesley King new

    Missing, presumed dead


    Lesley King rounds up the latest private client developments, including a proprietary estoppel case and Lord Lucan’s son’s move to have his father declared officially dead under the Presumption of Death Act

  • Jonathan Turner

    The family way


    In recent years, a number of financial business structures have challenged trusts to become the vehicle of choice for managing family wealth. Jonathan Turner looks at the rise of the family investment company, and the tax opportunities it can offer for clients

  • In the family

    All in the family


    As inheritance tax once again becomes a political hot potato, Matthew Duncan looks at the issues involved in renting out inherited property, and managing the resulting shared ownership situations that can arise between family members

  • Family

    Step change


    The increase in divorce and resulting complex family structures is raising a new issue for will- writing and estate planning: providing for step-children. Fay Copeland and Caroline Cook examine the issues and solutions

  • Sarah Young

    Left behind


    The Presumption of Death Act came into force on 1 October 2014, allowing the family of a missing person to settle their estate and dissolve a marriage or civil partnership. Sarah Young explains the process

  • Elizabeth Cooke

    Power to the people


    The Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Act 2014, expected to come into force next month, represents one of the most significant changes to intestacy and family provision law in a generation. Elizabeth Cooke and Spencer Clarke explain what it will mean in practice

  • Tied up in knots image

    Tied up in knots


    Mark Harper provides an update on pre- and post-nuptial agreements, including recent case law, the Law Commission’s proposals, and issues relating to international couples or those with assets abroad