The Law Society Library explains where you can find sources of clauses for overage payments and development clawback.

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Overage payments and development clawback agreements

The following are precedents and clauses to use in the sale of property where a share in the future enhanced value is to be paid to the vendor. The seller reserves an entitlement to an increment in sale price if the buyer makes a profit on resale. For example, a successful application for planning permission.

  • Commercial Property Development Precedents (loose leaf)
    • C21: Overage: development profits
    • C22: Overage: profit from letting a development
    • C23: Overage: participation in development value of land;
  • Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents Volume 2(2) Agriculture (2015)
    • Form 7: Development clawback deed;
  • Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents Volume 38(2) Sale of Land (2012)
    • Forms 65 to 79 include a development clawback agreement for agricultural land and transfer schedules for all land;
  • Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents Volume 13(1) Covenants relating to Land (2018)
    • Forms 195 to 199 include various covenants relating to overage;
  • Precedents for the Conveyancer (loose leaf) volume 2
    • Section 16-K including clauses concerning agricultural land and clauses for payment of future moneys if planning permission is subsequently obtained;
  • Le Chat, Property Development, 2nd ed. (2014)
    • Form E6: Overage agreement: planning overage
    • Form E7: Overage agreement: sales overage
    • Form E8: Overage agreement: revenue overage;
  • Further commentary can be found in Le Chat, Property Development, 2nd edition (2014) and Jessel, Development Land Overage and Clawback 2nd edition (2007).

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