Precedents which contain precedents for licences to occupy commercial property can be found in the following resources:

  • Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents, Vol.22(2)A (2009) contains a precedent for business premises.
  • Ross, Commercial Leases (looseleaf, 1998-) has a standard licence to occupy precedent.
  • Precedents for the Conveyancer (looseleaf, 1970-) contains a precedent for a licence to occupy a ‘franchise area’ in a large store, including provision for a rental based on turnover. It also contains precedents for many occupational licences, licences for use of land and licences for facilities and rights.
  • Sharples, Land Licences (2011) contains a precedent for a contractual licence to use serviced office accommodation. Also a licence of part of commercial premises including provision of services by the licensee, including the right of the licensee to provide catering services and to use the kitchen and equipment.
  • Aldridge, Practical Lease Precedents (looseleaf, 1987-) contains precedents for a licence for retail space within a store; and for a lease of retail space in a converted building used as multi-occupied indoor market.
  • Kelly’s Legal Precedents, 20th ed. (2010) contains precedents for a licence to occupy property in connection with a business franchise. It also has a licence to occupy an unspecified part of a shop or store as a salon.
  • Levaggi and Elford, Property Insolvency (2009) has a precedent for a licence to occupy between a licensor in administration, the administrators and the licensee.

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