Friday afternoon fraud – the biggest day for completions – was responsible for 75 per cent of all cybercrimes reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority in 2016. Phishing via interception of client monies or proof of identity linked to asset ownership remain the two biggest threats for firms that undertake conveyancing.

Conveyancing solicitors need to continually ensure that the necessary checks and safeguards are in place to beat the fraudsters.  To help, we created a cybersecurity and scam prevention online resource earlier this year, to help you:

  • understand more about cybersecurity; its threats and risks to the legal sector
  • help everyone at your firm to increase their knowledge about cyber risks through our webinars
  • access guidance and advice to take a proactive approach to reduce cyber threats
  • learn about products and services that specialist suppliers have that can help mitigate cybersecurity threats

We’ve now also launching an email digest of cybersecurity news relevant to the legal sector, and you can sign up now to receive your weekly digest, as well as information on endorsed cybersecurity providers, and information about relevant Law Society training, events and guidance