Land Registry is consulting on the draft Local Land Charges Rules 2017 that will provide the framework for how the Local Land Charges Register Service will work. We invite members to contribute to the Law Society’s response.

The Infrastructure Act 2015 provides for the transfer of responsibility for Local Land Charges from local authorities to Land Registry. Secondary legislation is required to implement any changes. It is proposed that under these provisions, Land Registry will provide a single digital Local Land Charges register.

Land Registry says that, as a result of the changes, the proposed Local Land Charges Register Service will improve upon the current services by:

  • introducing a single digital local land charges register
  • improving access to services
  • consolidating the current 12 parts of the register
  • standardising turnaround times
  • standardising fees
  • standardising the format of results.

Should you wish to contribute to the Law Society’s response, please send your comments to by 3 June or follow the link below to submit your own response to the consultation. You must register to take part in the consultation.

The consultation will run until 11 July.