Land Registry has launched a consultation proposing some changes to the Land Registration Rules 2003, to allow Land Registry to continue its digital transformation programme. It says that the proposals are designed to give customers more options in the use of its services and bring the rules into alignment with its digital strategy.

Land Registry says that, to support its digital programme, the rules need updating in several aspects, mainly:

  • to allow for fully digital conveyancing documents with e-signatures
  • to introduce new statutory services as requested by its customers
  • to allow for more flexibility as to when Land Registry is open for business and open to the public
  • to bring the rules up to date to reflect the modernisation and simplification of its services.

It is also proposed to revoke the Proper Office Order 2013 and the Land Registration (Electronic Conveyancing) Rules 2008, since they will no longer be needed.

The Law Society welcomes the idea of a gradual move to e-conveyancing, and we hope that Land Registry will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of what is introduced.

The consultation will end on 5 April 2017.