We have responded to Land Registry’s consultation on the Local Land Charges Rules 2017.

Land Registry, under provisions in the Infrastructure Act 2015, proposes to assume responsibility for local land charges which are currently dealt with by local authorities.

It will provide a single, digital, local land charges register, rather than individual registers being kept by 326 local authorities in England. Land Registry proposes to charge a single fee for searching the register.

The consultation seeks views on the rules that will provide the framework for how the new electronic local land charge register service operated by Land Registry will work. These are set out and commented upon in the draft Local Land Charges Rules 2017 in the consultation.

We support the standardisation of turnaround times, fees and the format of results. It is hoped that the new CON29 enquiry forms released on 4 July will, thanks to the assistance of the Local Government Association, Local Land Charges Institute and National Land Information Service, promote more standardisation of the format of results.