Land Registry is reminding customers that where two or more people are executing a deed as a party, the same witness may witness each individual signature - but each signature should be separately attested

This is the case unless it is absolutely clear by express wording on the face of the attestation that the witness is witnessing both or all signatures in the presence of the named signatories.

Land Registry Practice Guide 8 Execution of Deeds has recently been updated to remind customers of the attestation process.

Land Registry says that there has been no change in practice - however, they acknowledge that it may appear this way. As a result of this, Land Registry will not raise a requisition on this point for deeds completed before Monday 18 January 2016.

After 18 January 2016, Land Registry will raise a requisition where a deed has only a single attestation and it is not clear that it is for all of the signatures.