Some of our partners have produced advice on reducing the risk of cyberattacks for firms working from home, or starting to return to the office.

Alarming new trend in ransomware attacks

Criminal gangs are targeting firms using new tactics. Theft of data is followed by encryption. Ransom demands for decryption are followed by threats publicly to release, bit by bit, the confidential data of the firm and its clients.

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Strike home: The growing cyber threats in your house

Sophisticated cyber stings are no longer focused on businesses – many of us are now being targeted at home, making us all the more vulnerable as we work remotely. Our partner Hiscox explains.

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Returning to the office: 10 cybersecurity steps you must take first

David Fleming, Chief Technology Officer at Mitigo, gives his 10 top tips to help firms avoid a cyber incident and reduce the risk of a breach when returning to the office.

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