From Monday 8 June, Land Registry will be changing the address for applications by post, DX and personal delivery.

If you are one of those still using paper for applications for anything other than first registrations, be aware that your application will not get priority if it is submitted to the wrong address.

All paper applications will be sent to the Coventry office, however, the address will differ depending on the method of delivery (post, DX or personal delivery) and the type of customer (business, non-business or first registration applications).

The office location of your customer team must be inserted after the words ‘Land Registry’ in any address. If you do not have a customer team, you should include the office located closest to you.

If the address does not contain the correct, or any, proper office location, the application will be redirected and will not be deemed to be received until it is received by the correct proper office.

Read the Land Registry direction