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Back to Basics

Philip Warford

Back to basics: Trusts for disabled and vulnerable people


Philip Warford looks at trusts for disabled and vulnerable people

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Howard Hackney

The great escape

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Howard Hackney and Mark Briegal look at the practicalities of succession planning for private client firms, either through selling the firm or bringing in new partners – and what retiring partners need to do to plan their own future

Care home industry small print: person holding pen over terms and conditions

The small print


The Competition and Market Authority’s recent market study into the care home industry found that people are not being treated fairly. Caroline Bielanska presents a guide to the care home contract terms that are likely to be unfair, and what you can do if you encounter them

Alberto Perez Cedillo

On the borders


Alberto Perez Cedillo presents his highlights of this year’s Private Client Section Cross border conference

Paul Saunders

Claim checks


The claims deadline for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) is just a few months away. While it’s not always clear when administering a deceased person’s estate if they had PPI, Paul Saunders explains why fiduciaries should still consider making a claim

Dr Elisabeth Alton

A meeting of minds


GPs are sometimes reluctant to carry out mental capacity assessments if a solicitor requests one for a client. Dr Elisabeth Alton explains how your legal knowledge and experience can be key to changing their minds

Capital gains tax - hands holding scythe in shapre of pound sign (£)

Pain and gain


Alex Wavell looks at the income tax and capital gains tax issues which executors, or their advisers, will often face when administering the estate of a deceased person

Kate Mahon

Word on the street


Kate Mahon reviews the latest release by Gill Steel on how the public can get the best from their lawyer

Julian Hall

Emotional rescue


Private client practice can take its toll. Warring families, watching clients succumb to ill health and, of course, death are all parts of the job. Julian Hall explains how you can build your emotional resilience to better manage times of stress

Andrew Graves

Winning ways

2019-05-14T00:00:00+01:00By ,

Cheshire firm Rowlinsons Solicitors took home the 2018 Excellence Award for Private Client Practice. Andrew Graves and Donna Eland explain the secrets of their success

Free drafting documents - pen dripping ink onto person holding umbrella

The write approach

2019-05-14T00:00:00+01:00By ,

Alexandra Rogers and Robert Marshall present a best practice guide to free-drafting documents yourself

Helen Starkie

Standing tall


Section committee member Helen Starkie discusses bouncing back from ill health, what the Law Society could do better to support its members, and why her sole practice is thriving

Fiona Heald

Feeling the heat


Fiona Heald laments further disruption to the probate process as the government carries on with its courts reform programme

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