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Apology: John Howard

In this edition, we published ‘State of Mind’ by Elizabeth Barclay. The article contained material taken without permission or appropriate attribution from a lecture given by John Howard of the Official Solicitor’s Office in March 2018. We apologise to John Howard that this occurred.

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Fiona Heald

Don't bank on it


Fiona Heald wonders whether the unstoppable rise of internet and mobile banking is leading to a generation ignorant of the basics of banking, and leaving many older people behind

Kate Mahon



Kate Mahon rounds up the talking points from this year’s Private Client Section cross-border conference, held in March at the Law Society

Mental health

A sympathetic ear

2018-05-15T15:23:00+01:00By ,

The services of private client solicitors are often called on at stressful and strained times in people’s lives, which can involve loss and pain. But what if clients come to you with thoughts of ending their own lives? Lesley Woolf and Sheree Green explain what you can do

Dr Julian Sheather

Handling the situation

2018-05-15T15:22:00+01:00By ,

There are increasing reports from legal professionals that GPs are either reluctant or declining to conduct mental capacity assessments. Dr Julian Sheather and Dr Peter Holden provide a GP’s perspective

Emma Burns

Fine time


The General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect this month, and firms could face fines of up to €20m for non-compliance. Emma Burns explains how the new regime will work in practice, and what to do should a data breach happen

Clare van Overdijk

In whom we trust


Clare van Overdijk examines new guidance from the Court of Protection on the appointment of trust corporations as property and affairs deputies

Sheep farming at Coulaghailtro, Scotland

Back to basics: Working with farming accountants

2018-05-15T14:52:00+01:00By ,

Julie Butler and Fred Butler offer advice on the farm ownership structure and providing for strong succession planning.

Trans gender identity

Trans facts

2018-05-15T14:45:00+01:00By ,

Despite greater awareness and public understanding of gender identity, many transgender people still face discrimination. Alison Craggs and Debra Gers examine the key legal rights of transgender people – from management of wills and inheritance rights to equality in the workplace

Stephen Kavanagh

Take my advice


Huge changes are afoot in the financial advice industry; it is becoming more difficult to keep up with regulatory change and identify the right advice firm for your client. Stephen Kavanagh lists the issues you should consider to ensure you make the best choices

Charlotte Pisuto

Cash back


Charlotte Pisuto addresses the practical implications of obtaining a refund for a registered enduring or lasting power of attorney from the Office of the Public Guardian

Artists' wills

Artistic legacy

2018-05-15T14:43:00+01:00By ,

The estates of artists, writers and other creative people throw up many issues, from the division of rights to preserving their reputation after death. Helen Citron and Robert Craig describe how the will-drafter can play a crucial role in ensuring things go smoothly

Fiona Heald

Under review


Private Client Section committee chair Fiona Heald reviews a new title on the financial abuse of the elderly

David Jones

My legal life


As part of our series of interviews with private client solicitors, David Jones of Hugh Jones Solicitors discusses his pro bono work and his theory on why fewer young people are attracted to a private client career

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