Read the latest updates from our September meeting with HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS).

HMCTS has updated its guidance for digital and paper applications, as well as its FAQs (PDF 303 KB).

Probate applications have increased, but less than HMCTS expected during our last meeting. The average number of grants issued per week during August was around 5,700, an increase of 500 per week on pre-pandemic levels.

Inheritance tax queries are still the highest proportion of stops, both on paper and digitally.

Digital applications

When you send in supporting documents, use HMCTS’ cover sheet (48 KB) and include the case number provided when you submitted your application.

The legal statement must be signed by the:

  • executor(s) (grant of probate), or
  • applicant (intestacy / admin will).

You cannot yet sign on their behalf.

Paper applications

If you’re asked to provide extra documents, make sure you send these to the indicated address, using the same cover sheet.

Use the case reference number given on any correspondence you’ve received relating to the application.


Check with colleagues whether your firm already has a registered MyHMCTS account. 

  • If your firm has not already done so, you’re encouraged to sign up to MyHMCTS. 
  • If registered, your firm’s nominated super user will need to invite you to create your own account.

If you are unsure whether your organisation has already been registered, or you do not know your organisation’s superuser, contact


To give feedback, email, using the title: “I would like to be involved in giving feedback about the probate service”.

In the body of your email, state your:

  • name
  • firm
  • position
  • email address.