The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has announced a reduction in court and probate fees from 3 August 2020.

The MoJ has updated its lists of fees in the civil and family courts:

  • main fees (EX50)
  • full list, including probate fees (EX50A).
Non contentious probate fees
Application for a grant of probate £155
Personal application fee £60
Duplicate / second grant for same deceased person £20
Grant for an estate exempt from Inheritance Tax £10
Application for the entry or extension of a caveat £3
Application for a standing search £3
Deposit of wills £20
Inspection of will / other document retained by the registry £20
Copy of a document (for each copy)  £1.50
Copy of a document in electronic form (for each copy) £1.50
Administering an oath for each deponent to each affidavit £11
Administering an oath for marking each exhibit £2
Determination of costs  *
Settling documents £4

The full list of probate fees can be found on page 16 of EX50A.

*The fee for determination of costs will be the same as payable for determining costs under the Civil Proceedings Fees Order (fee 5 of that order). (See page 6 of EX50A.)