On 23 March 2020, HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) launched new standard grant of representation application forms for legal professionals.

The old-style statements of truth will become redundant after a four-week introduction period for the new forms.

We had early involvement with the redesign of the forms with HMCTS though we were not previously aware of the decision to remove statements of truth.

The new forms

Three of the current grant of representation forms completed by citizens have been redesigned for the legal sector:

  • PA1A – applying for grant of letters of administration
  • PA1P – applying for a grant of probate
  • PA8A – applying for a caveat.

These forms will need to be completed in place of the statement of truth. Once completed they’ll be lodged at the probate registries and sent to the Courts and Tribunals Service Centres.

View the forms

Reasons for introducing the forms

HMCTS receives around 170,000 grants of representation applications per year. The forms will enable it to:

  • digitise the information and insert it directly into its systems
  • reduce errors and speed up the process.

How the transition to new forms will work

The forms were introduced on 23 March 2020 for a period of four weeks. The government has extended this introductory period to 18 May due to coronavirus.

During this period probate registries will be permitted to accept the old-style statements of truth, if received instead of the new forms.

After the introductory period (after 18 May 2020), if any statements of truth are received, they’ll be returned with a request for the appropriate new form.

You can give feedback on the new forms by emailing probatefeedback@justice.gov.uk.