The Law Society’s Library lists resources that contain will precedents for the care of animals and pets

There are three main options for people wishing to make provision for their pets after their death: asking someone close to them to take care of their pet (and leaving a pecuniary legacy to cover their costs); having the animal put down; or leaving a legacy to an animal charity, with a requirement for the charity to look after the pet.

Source: ’Pet project’ by Kay Winston, 2012 PS 102 28-29

Precedents can be found in the following resources.

Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents, Vol. 42(1) (2011 reissue) Wills and Administration contains:

  • Form 198 : Pecuniary legacy to trustees to hold on trust for the upkeep and maintenance of pet animals.

Hallam, Practical Will Precedents (looseleaf, 1987-) contains three will precedents:

  • Form F5r1 : Legacy with memorandum of wishes.
  • Form F5r2 : Absolute legacy.
  • Form F5r3 : Legacy to RSPCA.

Williams on Wills, 9th ed. (2008) contains:

  • Form B2.13 : Gift for the maintenance and upkeep of an animal.
  • Form B2.14 : Combined gift of legacy and pet animal coupled with a non-binding expression of hope that the legatee will look after the animal.

‘Pet Project’ by Kay Winston, 2012 PS 102 28-29, also contains suggested clauses for insertion into wills.

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