Our Library team explains where to find details of commentary and precedents for mutual wills.

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Mutual wills arise where two people – usually, but not necessarily, husband and wife – have made an agreement as to the disposal of their property and each has, in accordance with the agreement, executed a will, both containing similar provisions. Once one of the parties has died, the other party is bound by the agreement not to revoke their will.

You can find commentary and precedents in the following resources.

  • Parker’s Will Precedents, 10th edition (2020):
    • paragraphs 5.4 to 5.10 – commentary
    • paragraph 5.11, form 5.3 – clause creating a mutual will
    • paragraph 5.11, form 5.4 – agreement underpinning a mutual will
  • King, Biggs and Gausden, A Practitioner’s Guide to Wills, 4th edition (2017):
    • precedent A1B – mutual wills
  • Encyclopaedia of Forms & Precedents, volume 42(1) Wills and Administration (2016):
    • paragraph [28] contains commentary on mutual wills
    • form 83: clause in will – commencement of a mutual will where there is an agreement not to revoke
  • Practical Will Precedents (looseleaf):
    • precedent F1g [F1-221] – declaration in respect of mutual will (clause)
  • Butterworths Wills, Probate and Administration Service (looseleaf), Division A:
    • commentary is at paragraphs A [3.24] to [3.25]
    • paragraph AP [5.181] – negativing mutual irrevocability (clause)
    • paragraph AP [5.182] – imposing mutual irrevocability (clause)
    • see also paragraph H [1.61] – commentary generally on mutual wills.

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