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Appointing a firm of solicitors as executors 

According to Tristram & Coote’s Probate Practice. 31st ed. (2015), paragraph 4.41, if a firm of solicitors is appointed executors, the appointment applies only to the members of the firm at the date of the will of the testator, unless a contrary intention is expressed in the will, the appointment being regarded as of the individual members constituting such firm at the date of appointment. 

For more information see:

Tristram & Coote’s Probate Practice. 31st ed. (2015), paragraphs 4.41-4.44.

Williams, Mortimer and Sunnucks, Executors, Administrators and Probate. 20th ed. (2013), paragraphs 3-10, 21-36 and 24-13. 

Precedents for will clauses and relevant oaths 

Butterworths Wills, Probate and Administration Service (looseleaf)

Section A

Precedent 5.24 Appointment of solicitors firm (with optional wish for named partner to accept appointment)

Precedent 5.25 Appointment of solicitors firm and primary appointment of named partner

Section D

Precedent 3.1 Oath for probate where partners in a firm (probate practitioners) appointed as executors and firm has converted to limited liability partnership (LLP) or other incorporated practice

Precedent 3.2 Oath for probate where directors/members of an incorporated practice/limited liability partnership appointed as executors by reference to them being such directors/members 

Williams on Wills. 10th ed. (2014)

Form B3.10: Appointment of members of solicitors incorporated practice including a limited liability practice

Form B3.11: Appointment of members and employees held out as partners of solicitors incorporated practice including a limited liability practice

Form F2.3: Words to be included in executors oath where partners in a solicitors’ firm or members of an LLP or incorporated practice have been appointed executors 

Practical Will Precedents (looseleaf)

Precedent F3d(2): Appointment of members in a limited liability partnership as executors 

Precedent for wording of executors oath 

Probate Practice Manual (looseleaf)

Para. C6.8A: contains commentary of the wording to be used in an oath where a firm was appointed executor rather than an individual solicitor 

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