The Law Society Library can help practitioners looking after private clients in many different ways. You don’t need to be in London to access Library services.

1. Enquiry service

We will spend up to 30 minutes researching your enquiries for free. We can use our databases and hard-copy resources to look for cases, precedents, legislation, journal articles or find answers to specific questions.

2. Textbooks and looseleafs

The Library’s collection contains many textbooks and looseleafs of interest to those of you working with private clients. To look for particular titles, you can search the Library catalogue. Click on the links below to see some of the titles in our collection.

Wills and probate


Inheritance tax

Personal property

Powers of attorney

Court of Protection and mental capacity

We never throw away our textbooks, so if you are doing historical research, old editions of the major textbooks are available.

3. Precedents

There are thousands of precedents, forms and templates in published resources within our collection. Copies can be ordered through our document delivery service, Lawdocs. If you need forms for probate matters, clauses for wills or trust precedents, we can find them for you as part of our free enquiry service.

4. Journals and law reports

We subscribe to numerous journals and law reports to help you stay up to date with your practice area. If you need a case or article on a topic but don’t have the citation, ask us to search for you.

5. Lawdocs (document delivery service)

You don’t need to come to London to get copies of precedents, articles, law reports or pages from textbooks. You can order them through Lawdocs, our document delivery service. We email, fax or put them in the post or DX, whichever you prefer. Prices start from £22 + VAT.

See our website for more information.

6. Tracing law firms

We hold annual directories of solicitors going back to 1775. So if you need to track down wills or other documents drawn up by firms which no longer exist, call us and we can help trace them. The Library also offers this type of research to non-members for a small fee. If a client should ask for this type of research (for example, the firm that wrote a family member’s will cannot be found anymore), you can suggest they contact us directly.

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