The government has published a dementia implementation plan that will spearhead its goal of making the  UK the most dementia-friendly society in the world by 2020.

As part of the government’s vision for a seven-day NHS, the dementia implementation plan will make sure:

  • for the first time, people with dementia and their families will benefit from greater transparency and will be able to compare the quality of dementia care in their local area;
  • the Care Quality Commission will include standards of dementia care in its inspections to make sure services are safer for people with dementia seven days a week; and
  • every person with dementia will receive a personalised care plan.

The government says that the rollout of seven-day services in the NHS will benefit dementia patients because it will ensure they don’t stay in hospital longer than necessary. The government proposes that:

  • all patients in high dependency care will be seen and reviewed by a consultant twice a day, every day of the week by 2020; and
  • if clinically appropriate, all patients, including those with dementia, will be reviewed by a consultant ward round once a day, every day of the week by 2020.

In addition to the implementation plan, leaders across health, social care, local government and voluntary sector organisations have signed a joint declaration, committing to improving care and support to people with dementia following diagnosis.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt said: ‘I want Britain to be the best place in the world to live well with dementia. Last Parliament we made massive strides on diagnosis rates and research – the global race is now on to find a cure for dementia and I want the UK to win it.’