System to go live in early April for Accredited Legal Representatives (ALRs) in the Court of Protection. 

In October, the Law Society announced the first group of Accredited Legal Representatives (ALRs) under the Mental Capacity (Welfare) Accreditation scheme. That first group of accredited members has now grown to over thirty, with the expectation that more than 80 solicitors will become accredited by the Autumn of 2018.

Since the accreditation scheme was first launched, the HMCTS and the Law Society have been working together to develop an appointment system for ALRs in CoP cases. This has now been approved, with the system due to go live within the Court of Protection from 2 April. ALRs will provide a valuable and expert voice to vulnerable parties.

The appointment of ALRs is covered in Rule 1.2 of the Court of Protection Rules 2017 with ALRs being appointed in two different ways. Firstly the parties can file an application to appoint an ALR or alternatively a judge may make the decision to do so within proceedings of their own motion.