Section product manager Denise Murphy has the latest news from the Private Client Section, including details of the new committee chair and vice-chair, and an update on recruitment of new committee members.

New Private Client Section chair and vice-chair

On behalf of the Law Society and members of the Private Client Section, I’d like to welcome Gary Rycroft as the new Private Client Section chair. He took over from Simon Leney on 1 November. Gareth Marland will be the new vice-chair. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Simon for his excellent work – both in public and behind the scenes – as chair for the past three years: for chairing multiple conferences and committee meetings, and in particular for his valuable guidance in developing new events, and content for PS magazine. We are delighted that he is remaining on the advisory committee.

Committee vacancies

We have received multiple applications for the committee member vacancies. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed shortly. The new committee members will start their roles in January 2016.

Membership renewal

For the majority of our members, the end of the year is renewal time. Ensure you don’t miss out on expert analysis and guidance and an exciting calendar of events for 2016 – renew your membership today! You can find more details of the raft of benefits that Section membership brings here.

Denise Murphy

Product manager, Private Client Section