This SRA consultation contains proposals to reduce the regulatory burden, provide targeted regulation and increase competition.

It is part of a wider review of the scope of cover under the Minimum Terms and Conditions.

Start—7 May 2014

End—18 June 2014

View the full consultation (at the time of preparing the JLD response)

JLD response

The JLD, in principle, supports initiatives which are designed to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens, and reduce costs for firms and clients alike. However, the JLD has a vested interest in preserving client confidence in the integrity of the legal profession and, as such, any deregulation should be proportionate to ensure adequate protection is provided to consumers where necessary.

The JLD has had the opportunity to consider the Law Society’s initial concerns in relation to the proposals. The JLD agrees with the Society’s concerns.

Read the JLD’s full response (PDF 164kb)