The SRA is proposing to reform the way that they license multi–disciplinary practices (MDPs) as the changes to the legal market and regulatory landscape introduced by the Legal Services Act continue to bed in.

MDPs are alternative business structures that provide a mixture of legal and non-legal services. This is part of their programme to reduce regulatory burdens and remove potential barriers to entry.

Start - 7 May 2014

End - 18 June 2014

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JLD response

The JLD, in principle, supports initiatives which are designed to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens. We have a vested interest in preserving client confidence in the integrity of the legal profession and, as such, any deregulation should be proportionate to ensure adequate protection is provided to consumers where necessary.

The majority of our members who remain in practice work in “traditional” solicitor firms or in-house. We do, however, appreciate the benefits that alternative business structures (ABSs) could have for our members - and the importance of ensuring that regulation for ABSs is reasonable (while always protecting clients).

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