The SRA is consulting on co-operation agreements.

It says:

We (the SRA) are considering a policy of entering into co-operation agreements, in appropriate cases, with witnesses to misconduct who may themselves have had some involvement in the wrongdoing. Typically, this would involve a witness to the misconduct in question co-operating with a wider investigation or prosecution in respect of other regulated persons.’

‘The intention is to facilitate reports of misconduct to the SRA by clearly setting out how prompt and frank reporting and co-operation by regulated persons in a wider investigation could mitigate that person’s own regulatory position. We are seeking your views on the benefits and risks and, ultimately, upon whether such a policy is desirable’.

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The JLD believes that this consultation is particularly relevant to junior lawyers who:

  • may see poor practice but feel that they are at risk of not qualifying, or being implicated in the bad practice, if they report it
  • do report it to the SRA but often to find that they receive little if any support

Read the JLD response to the consultation (PDF 185kb)