Kate Gladysz, member of the British Polish Law Association gives us an overview about the success of its launch in both London and in Warsaw earlier this year.

On Thursday, the 31st of July, an inauguration of the British Polish Law Association (BPLA) in Warsaw took place in the headquarters of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce. Although the organisation has already introduced itself to the legal community in London during its event hosted in the Clifford Chance law firm, for the Poland-based lawyers and law students it was the first opportunity to hear about BPLA’s aims and activities as well as to meet its founders and supporters in person.

Among the speakers who have honoured the event in London with their presence were Stephen Denyer, the Head of City and International at the Law Society, Professor Bill Cornish from the University of Cambridge, Professor Russell Denoon Duncan, the former President of the British Polish Legal Association in the 1990s and Nick Fletcher, Partner at Clifford Chance Warsaw.

The inaugural meeting in Warsaw was attended by no less renowned guests such as Steve Terrett , Director and Senior Lecturer at the British Law Centre, University of Warsaw and Grzegorz Namiotkiewicz, participant of the British Polish Legal Association exchange in 1990 and Clifford Chance Managing Partner, Rafal Zakrzewski, Lecturer at University of Cambridge and Nicholas Richardson,

Vice-Chairman of the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, who have all enthusiastically commented on the 25 year history of British-Polish legal relations. George Byczynski, the Co-Founder of the British Polish Law Association has also given a brief speech about the association’s underlying goal to build a cooperation and networking platform for the legal professionals working in both the UK and Poland. In London, not only does BPLA aim to unite the lawyers of Polish descent, but also to enhance the British-Polish trade relations with the help of lawyers involved in businesses in Poland as Byczynski mentioned. The official part was followed by drinks, snacks and a whisky tasting, where everyone had a chance to chat and get to know fellow lawyers as well as to discuss their involvement in the BPLA’s activities.

The event has successfully gathered over 70 participants from the varied legal backgrounds, including partners and associates from almost all leading commercial law firms with Warsaw offices. We are thankful to the British Embassy in Warsaw, the Law Society of England and Wales and the British Alumni Society for supporting our event. It can be proudly said that BPLA has made a good start in Poland and looks forward to achieve its goals by organising further events.