In July, the China Law Society, responsible for developing legislative reform in China, visited the Law Society to explore potential collaboration with a view to improve legal and regulatory environment for business in China.

The visit was part of a wider UK-China programme to advance the rule of law as part of a global partnership for the 21st century, agreed during the state visit of President Xi Jinping last November. The Law Society President took the opportunity to showcase the expertise of the English and Welsh profession and the outcome has led to an agreement where the two organisations will now identify specific areas of mutual collaboration with the overall goal to bring prosperity to both jurisdictions.

During the meeting, the China Law Society formally invited the Law Society to represent the English and Welsh legal profession at a high level event in China in November on the theme of Legal and Judicial Co-operation along the One Belt One Road.

This will be a landmark event between UK and China, following on from President Xi Jingping’s visit to London in 2015. We are currently working with the China Law Society to explore the range of commercial opportunities this will bring for members wanting to do business there. More information will be publisiced as soon as this programme has been confirmed.

During the China Law Society’s programme, the Law Society also partnered with the Great Britain China Centre on a seminar: Legal Certainty for Business in the UK and China at the Institute of Directors. Stephen Denyer highlighted the strengths of the City of London, it’s prominent role as the leading global financial centre as well as the benefits of using English law when carrying out cross border activity.