The Law Society’s recommended minimum salary for trainee solicitors has increased by 1.9% to £19,992 outside London and £22,541 within London.

Employers are encouraged to implement the increase as soon as they can, on or after 1 May 2020.

JLD Chair Charlotte Parkinson said: “Since the SRA’s decision in 2014 to no longer mandate a minimum salary for trainee solicitors, the JLD is concerned that trainee solicitors are not being paid a fair rate. We are pleased to have the Law Society’s support on such an important issue and hope that having a recommended minimum salary helps improve social mobility in the profession.

“According to a recent survey, nearly a third of trainees are currently paid below the recommended minimum level.*

“Many junior lawyers leave education with significant levels of debt – particularly where they have had to self-fund their Legal Practice Course – and it is important that they are paid a fair rate and able to repay that debt.

“The JLD urges all employers to pay the Law Society’s recommended minimum salary and ensure that talented junior lawyers are not deterred from entering the profession because of their financial background.”

Read the guidance on the recommended minimum salary