The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is carrying out a market study into the supply of legal services in England and Wales. In July 2016 it published its interim report setting out its initial findings and emerging views on possible remedies in terms of competition, consumer protection and regulation. The Junior Lawyers Division has submitted a response to the interim report as has the Law Society.

Leanne Maund, chair of the JLD committee says: ’The JLD supports a modern approach in terms of increasing fair competition in the legal market without heavy regulation distorting competition or putting smaller or newly established legal firms at a disadvantage. In the years to come the way we practice must develop, as clients demand greater levels of information and service from their advisors.

‘Junior lawyers can add a great deal in helping to find innovative ways to best communicate value and quality of service to our clients and in helping consumers find the right advisor for their circumstances. The JLD shares the Law Society’s view that it is premature to say that unregulated providers do not cause any harm to consumers, and urged the Competition and Markets Authority in our response to the consultation to consider the effect of unregulated providers more fully.’